Covenant University

Nigeria Ota

Study Location

Nigeria, Ota




Full Time

Norminal Duration

2 Years

Tuition Fee

₦ 611,448.00

Application Fee

₦ 20,000

Accomodation Fee

Per session for students in the hostel

₦ 225,000

Caution Fee

Refundable (Paid once by students in the hostel)

₦ 30,000

Registration Fee

$ 1,800


Areas of Specialization
1. Gender and Development Studies
2. Population Studies
3. Family and Reproductive Health
4. Industrial Sociology
5. Political Sociology
6. Rural Sociology
7. Cultural Studies
8. Medical Sociology
9. Sociology of Development
10. Sociology of Entrepreneurship
11. Political Sociology
12. Gerontology
13. Urban Sociology
14. Criminology and Security Studies
15. Sociology of Education
16. Sociology and Media Studies
17. Military Sociology
18. Social Problems

Selection of Supervisors
Prospective Postgraduate Candidates are expected to go to the Departmental website and select a suitable Supervisor that match their proposed area of specialization