Management Information System (MIS)

Covenant University

Nigeria Ota

Study Location

Nigeria, Ota




Full Time

Norminal Duration

3 Years

Tuition Fee (Per Session)

₦ 1,291,420

Application Fee

₦ 20,000

Matriculation Fee

₦ 20,000


₦ 30,000

Student Dues

₦ 5,000

Accomodation Fee

Per session for students in the hostel

₦ 225,000

Caution Fee

Refundable (Paid once by students in the hostel)

₦ 30,000

Registration Fee

$ 1,800


Areas of Specialization
1. Software Engineering
2. Artificial Intelligence
3. Information System
4. E-Commerce Research
5. Mobile Computing
6. Cybercrime Security/Digital Forensic
7. Big data Analytics
8. Health Informatics
9. Data Communication
10.Data Communication/Network

Selection of Supervisors
Prospective Postgraduate Candidates are expected to go to the Departmental website and select a suitable Supervisor that match their proposed area of specialization